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Our Story

Ironically, it all started with quite a bit of discomfort! That familiar feeling at the cash register when we realized (yet again) that we’re overpaying for the same low quality, uncomfortable, celebrity-endorsed, “Meh” Big Brand underwear.

“There has to be another option”, we thought. An underwear brand that’s comfortable, affordable and durable – without all the marketing BS. Is that too much to ask?

We couldn’t find an alternative, so we create it! And while we’re at it, we thought why not make it sustainable and fun as well.

Meet Undrgoods! We’re all about:

Ridiculous Comfort: we use the softest and highest quality Lenzing Micromodal fibers.
Affordability: we sell direct to keep prices reasonable.
Durability: our products last for years if you wash them according to the care instructions.
Sustainability: sustainably sourced fabrics, also see durability (fashion is a top contributor to landfills).
Fun: if not, what’s the point?! Also, see fun prints!

Thank you for reaching this far (as a token of appreciation, try STORY12 at checkout 😉 

We welcome you, and we hope that you’ll join our Comfort-Obsessed community.

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