Undrgoods: Made
for the Ballsy!

Food for thought: your privates and their comfort play a key role in boosting your confidence. Why not enjoy the ride in total ease down there? Why not consider your “zone” as your comfort zone? Why not invest in that feeling? Well, say hello to Undrgoods!

We’re not here to sell you some plain old ill-fitting and overpriced briefs. Our mission has always been about making you feel supported… In all the right ways!

Your lucky pair of Undrgoods is…

Ridiculously Comfortable

Breathable. Smooth. Lighter than air. We’re talking 3x softer than cotton. That’s what you call a real softie.

Environmentally Conscious

Because what’s more natural than a fabric literally made out of trees? Your butt AND the planet will thank our Micro-Modal fiber: durable, sustainable, and uses 10x less water than good old cotton.


Hello reasonable prices, groovy patterns and perfect fits! Under a proper suit or over your birthday suit, this is the underwear your privates deserve.