Pack of 5 Fitted Trunks

Dhs. 270.00

Pack of 5 Fitted Trunks

Dhs. 270.00

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5 Days of Comfort!


Our ‘All Black’ 5 Pack – a.k.a. The Gary 5 Pack (named after our customer Gary, who had first asked us for it) will keep you comfortable AND cover your for 5 straight days – guaranteed! It includes only our Black color trunk; so whether you have a black tie event or want to celebrate the Dark Night in you, this pack is definitely for you.

The fitted trunk is our flagship product! Ok fine our only product (for now!). It’s not too long, and not speedo short. It just has that perfect natural length to it. It’s also fitted so no loose fabric or stuff swinging aimlessly like a pendulum. But also super soft and stretchy so no tightness! Good for daily use, gym, yoga, competitive dog grooming and pretty much any activity.

We’re all about the details

  • Simple black and super soft elastic waistband
  • 96% MicroModal® 4% elastane
  • 3x softer than cotton
  • Comfy and durable flatlock stitching
  • Natural, sustainable fibers made from beechwood trees

We deliver worldwide

Why Undrgoods?


How to Care​

37% Q-NOVA® Recycled Nylon / 25% Q-NOVA® Nylon / 28%Polyester / 10% Spandex​
Machine wash cold. Use non chlorine bleach.​
Do not tumble dry. Do not iron​

Ridiculously Comfortable 😌

Yup, that pretty much sums it up. Our underwear is made of micro-modal – a cool, light, breathable and natural fiber that’s 3x softer than cotton.

Environmentally Conscious 🌳

Micro-modal is a sustainable fiber that’s derived from beech trees (it’s true, Google it!). It’s also more durable (less waste!) and consumes up to 10x less water than cotton.

Lovingly Direct ❤️

We sell direct so we can keep quality high and prices reasonable. Our customer service kicks butt. And we will always keep it real and fun, with zero BS.


Waist Size
28-30 S
32-34 M
34-36 L
38-40 XL
Fit is true to size. In case of any doubt, drop us a quick text and we'd be happy to guide you.


Waist Size
71-76 S
81-86 M
86-91 L
97-102 XL
Fit is true to size. In case of any doubt, drop us a quick text and we'd be happy to guide you.